Thank you for your support, thousands of people are waiting for a diagnosis. Would you support our work?

Right now, thousands of people are waiting for over a year to be diagnosed.

Delays to diagnosis affect people’s ability to continue education and work, limits their treatment options, and increases their risk of being hospitalised or needing emergency surgery. 

We are campaigning to raise awareness of conditions so that people can get checked, get treated and get their lives back. We are working with GPs, pharmacists and other community healthcare practitioners, and making sure that Crohn’s and Colitis stays high up on the health policy agenda.

We need your support to make the case for early diagnosis. 

£10 could help us share our healthcare education resources with 10 community healthcare professionals.
£25 could keep our online symptom checker running for one week, helping anyone concerned about their symptoms to access healthcare professional approved information. 

£50 could help one of our volunteers meet their local politician and advocate for early diagnosis.